drdaeman (drdaeman) wrote in htmlnazis,

About an hour ago there were tactical_snake's post here and I've spent some of my free time trying to help, so......

I rewrote the code from scratch (now it's clearly-structured valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional), and it seems that CSS works ok, but I'm still unsure about it's cross-browser compatibility (IE6SP1 and Firefox1.0.1 renders it fine, don't know about others).

Here's what I did: XHTML Page + CSS, <add>but, there's still problems with #menu and #info >_<. Also, I have an alternative version where those two divs are relatively-positioned floating boxes, but there's also problem with their height (I thought v2 was OK, but it isn't). Any ideas?</add>

Of course, I'd like to hear any suggestions about the code I've written (especially about accessibility - I'm new to it and want to learn more about it!).

P.S. And sorry for possibly worse English :( Hope it's still readable.
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Heh, actually, it was posted in here by accident.. ^.^;
But thanks--
It's coming out fine in my browsers, too. (Opera and reg. Mozilla. No idea their version numbers..)

Yeah, the CSS should have been fine before except where I forgot a pound sign and some of the px's-- I found some typos when I re-validated it (forgot to do so after I rewrote everything the second time).

I'mna see if I can figure out what you did so I can learn from it rather than just use it. ^.^;
Although it might be interesting since I'm totally unfamiliar with XHTML... ^.^; Although it's something I should learn since one of my books on CSS does everything with the assumption of knowing XHTML... O.o;

Again, thanks.

(and bah, your english is just fine. ^.^)
About the XHTML... XHTML 1.0 is just an XMLization of old good HTML 4.01. There are not many specific changes, the most notable is self-closing tags (like "<br />" or <img src="..." alt="..." />, because, unlike HTML, in XML (and so in XHTML) every and each tag must be closed.

And... Sorry, but I've just found a flaw in my CSS... >_< height: 100% doesn't work as expected and the #menu and #info divs are still may display not as they should be (play with browser's window height and you'll see). Maybe after some sleep (here's 01:42am ~_~) I'll think of some good way to make them the way they should be, or someone else will suggest how this should be done)... Damn. I should be more accurate with checking. Sorry once again....
That's alright-- I was about to ask about the height, since it seemed that 100% wasn't working. I'm looking into it my self, too. ^.^
I noticed it first when I was fiddling around resolutions on my computer, then when I tried some of the new stuff on the AMVs page (it's a fairly long page).
Don't worry about it; I need something to keep me occupied anyway, and doing some extra research won't hurt me. :P
Yay, much better.
The strange thing I just cannot understand is why body has size of the viewport and not the document (the way I expect it to be).... =/