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Um...hi...I'm new here and all. Name's Kit...and yeah I'm a guy...named Kit...get over it. ._.

Mainly because I need some help with a code and I can't seem to find any good help communties sooooo...Where else to go but to the html nazis? Anyway...I skimmed through the rules and I don't think I'm breaking them with this. ^_^ So anyway the problem.

And with my previous website my html experience was new so I'm starting over and seeing what I can do with some new codes and expiramenting. But alas, it is idiotic to do something you have no clue what to do so I ask for help from the smarties.

Warning to dial up: BIG PICTURE!

Question 1: How do I get the text to stay over the middle lighter area?
Question 2: How do I create a navigational bar?

And if this is against your rules I will promptly delete this.
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