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Um...hi...I'm new here and all. Name's Kit...and yeah I'm a guy...named Kit...get over it. ._.

Mainly because I need some help with a code and I can't seem to find any good help communties sooooo...Where else to go but to the html nazis? Anyway...I skimmed through the rules and I don't think I'm breaking them with this. ^_^ So anyway the problem.

And with my previous website my html experience was new so I'm starting over and seeing what I can do with some new codes and expiramenting. But alas, it is idiotic to do something you have no clue what to do so I ask for help from the smarties.

Warning to dial up: BIG PICTURE!

Question 1: How do I get the text to stay over the middle lighter area?
Question 2: How do I create a navigational bar?

And if this is against your rules I will promptly delete this.
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if you want a semi-transparent-effect background, check out the technique at Eric Meyer's ComplexSpiral Demo.

that way, the text section can be resizable, so the site works better for users at very high or very low resolutions, etc.
Seconded. It's definitely the best way to handle transparency stuff. I'm even using it in a new layout I'm working on here (warning: this is very much a work in progress). My one disclaimer would be that it doesn't work in IE, at least, not last I checked, as IE doesn't support fixed backgrounds for anything but the body element.

And while I do believe this post is against the rules (this isn't an HTML help community) that's not for me to enforce--I think that's tardbot5000's job, and I don't think she's been active much lately. Besides, this is practically the only kind of post that shows up in this community lately, so don't bother deleting it--you'd be depriving this community of...something...

Now, some pro-tips: That is one of the most hideous cut-and-paste jobs I've ever seen. If you didn't do it yourself, make sure that whoever did do it never touches a computer again. If it was you, I won't be quite as harsh, as I'm sure you're a perfectly nice guy. Here's a copy of Photoshop 9 and a copy of Photoshop 9 for Dummies to help get you started.

Also, your current layout crashed my browser three times in a row. Sure, web browsers have bugs, and the occasional crash is unavoidable. But I think this is the first time I've seen any site (without any JavaScript or anything) that's been able to crash my browser consistently every time. Viewing it in IE just out of curiosity, I also noticed that the entire content of the site tends to float off the left side of the screen and never come back. There isn't even a horizontal scrollbar. Weird.

Finally, this is a non-sequitor but...there's more to life (and music for that matter) than J-rock, yeesh -_-;
yes, i should have mentioned the IE problem, but if you have a root around on the css/edge site, there is a version that works in IE - it does require a small javascript to get it working though.

as an aside, reading the rules i think that this does count as being (just about) on-topic; or at least it is now - anything to do with an eric meyer technique, in my experience, tends to get technical ;)
Okay, I guess that makes it technically on-topic then :P

Now if it wasn't on LJ, one could use IE7, but this is on LJ, so no DHTML :(