restoration_me (restoration_me) wrote in htmlnazis,

Drop Down Menus!!! AHHHH!!!


I'm using two drop down menus. The user selects an option from the first one, and based on their selection the second drop down menu gets populated with items. As it stands right now, each drop down menu has its own submit button.

Here's the problem:

1. I don't want submit buttons! They are causing me grief and my project supervisor prefers not to have them. He wants to be able to select an item from the first list and upon click that item, populate the second drop down menu. No Submit Buttons!

2. I can't get the drop down menus to maintain the selected item. Each time I select one and click submit, the menu defaults and displays the first item in the list. This is no good unless you're choosing the first item :)

3. Apart from the drop down menus not displaying the selected item, when I click submit it also swipes any info I have displayed on the page. To better explain, when you select from the first drop down menu your selection appears merely as a label below it. A simple text display. But when I make the second drop down menu selection and click submit, my nice little label telling me what I first selected get's deleted from the screen.

So those are my problems. I would have thought being able to fix this would be simple but even Google isnt heling me too much...urgh.

Anyway, I hope someone can help :)

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