tuesday, 11.11.08

11:36 pm

Tumblr Layout

I used to work a bit with HTML but I haven't in a while and I can't for the life of me figure out the CSS scripting to customize my Tumblr. Can anyone help? Thank you so much!
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thursday, 09.14.06

06:34 pm

Request for Comments

I've been tasked with creating a website. I guess it's a good thing. *shrug* But I'm not really a designer, so it's rather, uh, bland. So I was wondering if you guys could take a look and offer whatever advice on the layout; colors, positioning, typography, usability, etc.
The css hasn't been cleaned out and so has little order to it, it's missing formatting for elements not yet used on the site and there are a few unresolved cross-browser inconsistencies, but the xhtml should be fine. The content is obviously not set, either, so don't worry about that bit. Whatever else is free game, I'm sure I'm making at least a few design atrocities, so please point them out. ^_^

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thursday, 08.17.06

02:24 pm

Limit on number of drop down menus?

Hey everyone,

I didn't think this was possible, but can you have too many drop down menus on one page? I'm doing a website that requires 12 drop down menus and I've each menu on its own form. When I get to drop down menu 6 it no longer works. In fact, when you make your selection from drop down menu 6 it submits the first value in every drop down menu > 6! I don't understand this. I'm using an OnChange event for each menu:


Why is it that my first 5 drop down menus work perfectly, then when you get to menu 6 it no longer works correctly?

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friday, 06.16.06

10:47 am

Drop Down Menus!!! AHHHH!!!


I'm using two drop down menus. The user selects an option from the first one, and based on their selection the second drop down menu gets populated with items. As it stands right now, each drop down menu has its own submit button.

Here's the problem:

1. I don't want submit buttons! They are causing me grief and my project supervisor prefers not to have them. He wants to be able to select an item from the first list and upon click that item, populate the second drop down menu. No Submit Buttons!

2. I can't get the drop down menus to maintain the selected item. Each time I select one and click submit, the menu defaults and displays the first item in the list. This is no good unless you're choosing the first item :)

3. Apart from the drop down menus not displaying the selected item, when I click submit it also swipes any info I have displayed on the page. To better explain, when you select from the first drop down menu your selection appears merely as a label below it. A simple text display. But when I make the second drop down menu selection and click submit, my nice little label telling me what I first selected get's deleted from the screen.

So those are my problems. I would have thought being able to fix this would be simple but even Google isnt heling me too much...urgh.

Anyway, I hope someone can help :)

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wednesday, 03.15.06

11:31 am

What tutorial/reference do you use?

I've been mostly using W3Schools as my reference for HTML and CSS, however, I've read recently that are not the best choice for this since they apparently focus on Internet Explorer. So what website do you use for tutorials / reference?

I used to use Webmonkey, but that was a long time ago, and most of their tutorials are outdated or no longer useful for me. Webmonkey's only good for special character codes at the moment, and I use moreCrayons for color selections.

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saturday, 02.25.06

06:01 pm

I want to know whos looking at my page

anyone know A MYSPACE(IP maybe)TRACKER CODE?

thank you

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sunday, 01.08.06

11:29 pm

I am in charge of making a the layout for a community and I’ve done all the images and for the first time I used a image map header. But then something happened. I should have image headers in the sidebar and I should have a header but I don’t. I think there’s something in the code preventing the images from showing up but honestly I have no idea. If someone could please help me correct the problem? Thank you in advance and thank you for your time.

PS. What i mean by having header in the sidebar is something like this:
See where it says "Navigation" and "Hiatus List" etc. That's what I'm missing from the layout.

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friday, 08.26.05

12:18 pm

I'm having troubles with ye olde PNG alpha transparencies. Specifically, getting them to work on a certain crippled Windows-only browser that shall remain nameless. Basically, there's a 1 pixel 32 bit PNG set as the background of the content columns, which is set as white, 85% opaque. The reason for doing this instead of setting 'opacity' or whatever, is so the rest of the content inside the columns (text, images) doesn't become translucent also. Working fine for me so far on Mozilla and Safari (although Safari seems to render the PNG as grey instead of white - anyone know what's going on there?), but on the third browser (that shall remain nameless), it dies horribly, as you'd expect.

I've been trying to get the stupid proprietry AlphaImageLoader filter to work, but it just won't. I don't want to dick around having to add empty divs everywhere all over the page just to get it working either. Am I doomed to forever serve up shite looking pages to people that are too stupid to get a decent browser?

Site is here.
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thursday, 07.28.05

06:53 am


Um...hi...I'm new here and all. Name's Kit...and yeah I'm a guy...named Kit...get over it. ._.

Mainly because I need some help with a code and I can't seem to find any good help communties sooooo...Where else to go but to the html nazis? Anyway...I skimmed through the rules and I don't think I'm breaking them with this. ^_^ So anyway the problem.

And with my previous website my html experience was new so I'm starting over and seeing what I can do with some new codes and expiramenting. But alas, it is idiotic to do something you have no clue what to do so I ask for help from the smarties.

Warning to dial up: BIG PICTURE!

background image and explanation of my two problemsCollapse )

And if this is against your rules I will promptly delete this.

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tuesday, 07.12.05

02:58 pm

on myspace, does anyone know what code changes the font colour of "view all of .... friends?" and the numbber of comments the person has. and also, the headings for general, music, movies etc. thanks.
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thursday, 06.23.05

02:49 pm


does anyone know how to get a seperate box with a border for who i'd like to meet section? as it's all in one box.

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friday, 05.27.05

07:19 pm

I've just started getting back into websites, and I hope its like riding a bicycle. However, I feel really, really rusty.

Here's the website I've been working on for a friend: www.Twelve-oclock.com.
(its missing the product lines, because its a startup. We'll incorporate those later)

I'm asking for an honest critique here:

Although, I am trying to learn CSS. I do plan on redoing the "omg-you used frames?!" into a CSS/XHTML website, so I was wondering
if you guys could give me any pointers? Ive seen your unflinching honesty before, I think I can take it.
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wednesday, 05.18.05

09:36 pm


whilst browsing myspace i came across this profile...now its probly THE most simplest thing, but how do you get the border around each of the sections, as in for about me, blog entry etc?


& sorry for posting this here i don't know who can help.


thanks in advance.
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wednesday, 05.11.05

11:18 pm

I'm thinking of overhauling my site, both in terms of XHTML and CSS. So, I was hoping I could get some suggestions as to where I should focus my efforts - hopefully some people might spot some things that I missed. I especially want to focus on making the markup more semantic, and finding a better way of achieving the navigation bar on the left.

HTML - http://eighty4.net
CSS - http://eighty4.net/css/default.css

Thanks a lot!

(cross-posted around a few places)
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sunday, 05.01.05

11:43 pm

hi all. recently i've seen a few journals which have a really tiny space between each of their entry boxes (i.e. ______kisschase), instead of the normal amount of space between each entry. I was wondering if anyone knew the code for this? thanks in advance.
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thursday, 04.28.05

12:52 am

[ † Destitute Awareness † ]


My Name Is
And I'm New.
Glad To Join
Of Computer

~Love It Already~

Liebe, *Jahreszeit*

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monday, 04.18.05

02:58 pm


on my lj page...the picture is at the top & i would like it to be at the bottom. how would i do that?
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wednesday, 03.23.05

12:27 am

About an hour ago there were tactical_snake's post here and I've spent some of my free time trying to help, so......

I rewrote the code from scratch (now it's clearly-structured valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional), and it seems that CSS works ok, but I'm still unsure about it's cross-browser compatibility (IE6SP1 and Firefox1.0.1 renders it fine, don't know about others).

Here's what I did: XHTML Page + CSS, <add>but, there's still problems with #menu and #info >_<. Also, I have an alternative version where those two divs are relatively-positioned floating boxes, but there's also problem with their height (I thought v2 was OK, but it isn't). Any ideas?</add>

Of course, I'd like to hear any suggestions about the code I've written (especially about accessibility - I'm new to it and want to learn more about it!).

P.S. And sorry for possibly worse English :( Hope it's still readable.
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friday, 01.21.05

02:11 am

Web site, conceptually.

Must apologize for my previous post being slightly off topic, didn't realize how poorly it would be accepted or understood.

What I guess I really want is to think of a website as more of a whole, less of individual elements. Removing the technology of html, http, database etc. what's left? How do you describe a website without considering the interaction of the computer, just that of the users with the website as an entity. Sorry if I'm a bit vague about what I'm asking, but I'm not quite sure myself and I'm trying to get a better idea.
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sunday, 01.16.05

09:17 pm

As a web designer, what would your ideal method of handling dynamic behavior be? Things like server variables, cookies, sessions, generated content, persistence and whatever else. Ever used a system you really like, how did it work? What kinds of things can't you do easily and how do you wish you could do them instead?
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