Brennan (fishy5) wrote in htmlnazis,

As a web designer, what would your ideal method of handling dynamic behavior be? Things like server variables, cookies, sessions, generated content, persistence and whatever else. Ever used a system you really like, how did it work? What kinds of things can't you do easily and how do you wish you could do them instead?
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I err... it depends on which language I'm using on the server-side.

What do you mean? I'm a bit confused by your question.
Language independent. I'm looking entirely for design ideas.
What language(s) do you prefer, why?
For webdesign I prefer XHTML. For server-side I use whichever language best solves the problem that I'm trying to solve. My handling of cookies, etc is also set by the language I use on the server-side so can't be language independant.
The design is coupled only with the language features that it uses. If you're using an OO language then most other OO languages will support the design of anything in that language. Suppose you're trying to solve the problem of having a highly dynamic website with lots of stuff the users can change, what language would you use and what attracts you to that one? What handling of cookies, etc. do you prefer (find easiest to use or more powerful etc.)?
I'd go "hmm, which problem does this website solve, and which language solves that problem best?"

There are plenty of languages that can do dynamic websites, and there are lots of ways that a website cna be dynamic, so it depends on 1) What's available on the server, and 2) what best handles the problems as set out in the job spec.

Regardless, a discussion of server-side technologies doesn't really seem to fit into a community for xhtml+css+standards compliance.
Eh...? Could you be more specific? I use XHTML+CSS+Apache+PHP+MySQL if that answers your question. Pretty typical setup.