POWER OUT. (____________lua) wrote in htmlnazis,

hi all. recently i've seen a few journals which have a really tiny space between each of their entry boxes (i.e. ______kisschase), instead of the normal amount of space between each entry. I was wondering if anyone knew the code for this? thanks in advance.
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See, we are HTML nazis, not free web designers. We are here to persecute those who refuse to use proper HTML, not teach design tricks. Also, the journal is friends only, I can't see what you're talikg about.
sorry, I didn't realise. I assumed from a few previous posts you offered html codes. you can see from the "friends only" post. perhaps I didn't make it clear enough. but since you don't "teach design tricks" there's no need to bother is there?
Up,Down,Up,Down,Left,Right,Left,Right,B,A,START at the title screen and it will give you extra lives.