Eight whole bits (int) wrote in htmlnazis,
Eight whole bits

I'm having troubles with ye olde PNG alpha transparencies. Specifically, getting them to work on a certain crippled Windows-only browser that shall remain nameless. Basically, there's a 1 pixel 32 bit PNG set as the background of the content columns, which is set as white, 85% opaque. The reason for doing this instead of setting 'opacity' or whatever, is so the rest of the content inside the columns (text, images) doesn't become translucent also. Working fine for me so far on Mozilla and Safari (although Safari seems to render the PNG as grey instead of white - anyone know what's going on there?), but on the third browser (that shall remain nameless), it dies horribly, as you'd expect.

I've been trying to get the stupid proprietry AlphaImageLoader filter to work, but it just won't. I don't want to dick around having to add empty divs everywhere all over the page just to get it working either. Am I doomed to forever serve up shite looking pages to people that are too stupid to get a decent browser?

Site is here.
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