restoration_me (restoration_me) wrote in htmlnazis,

Limit on number of drop down menus?

Hey everyone,

I didn't think this was possible, but can you have too many drop down menus on one page? I'm doing a website that requires 12 drop down menus and I've each menu on its own form. When I get to drop down menu 6 it no longer works. In fact, when you make your selection from drop down menu 6 it submits the first value in every drop down menu > 6! I don't understand this. I'm using an OnChange event for each menu:


Why is it that my first 5 drop down menus work perfectly, then when you get to menu 6 it no longer works correctly?

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There is no limit, or at least none that you need to be concerned with... If you want to have them all submitted at the same time then they need to be in the same form. Since this is a Nazi's community, I'm going to scold you on the use of the onChange attribute. Use document.getElementById, document.getElementsByName or document.getElementsByTagName instead. You probably don't actually want to be submitting the form (or drop down menu xD) every time they select an option. And, do you really expect us to be able to see the problem without seeing any of the source? Please, don't post the source here, but a link would be helpful. And lastly, this is not a help community, this is for discussion of xhtml and stuff... read The Rules ( So yeah, any more questions?
Forget it. I'll go elsewhere.