tuesday, 01.11.05

02:48 pm

A little introductory post...

I must admit, I was first a little skeptical about this community, because I believed that no one could possibly be as uptight about HTML and web design as I am. I thought I would find a million posts of "OMG you need to make that iframe smaller and that text even more illegible and your text should match your background and then your site will be beautiful" that seems to go on in a lot of the "elite web design communities."

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And, for my first contribution to the group, I give you this horrid page, culled from my f-list this morning: http://sofie-riswa.blogdrive.com/archive/11.html

I don't even know where to begin. How about with the JavaScript that makes randomly-capitalized bad goth poetry scroll through the status bar?
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wednesday, 12.29.04

04:24 pm

Hi, I am really new to html and i want to update the look of my livejournal. I have a picture i want to use as a background however, I can't seem to make it show up.
Do I need to use an image hosting site? and if so do I need a specific one that works with livejournal? are the codes on the help page for using a background right? also how do i align the image right and my text left?
any help would be really really appriciated. thanks and have a nice day.
Sophie xx
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wednesday, 12.08.04

02:13 am

Slightly off topic:

But it IS an increasingly annoying issue, that is, if you host a site with some type of blog.
So, I ask of you:

1. How many of you host a blog/use a blogging software program besides LJ?
2. What are you using and why?
3. If you have commenting enabled on your site, what do you have in your arsenal to combat the scourge known as comment spamming? (MT blacklist, IP banning, etc ad nauseum)


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thursday, 11.25.04

01:46 am

New Member

Hello everyone. I guess I would consider myself a Html Nazi. All I use is CSS and Xhtml both valid through the w3c validation service. I am a linux user so I have no clue what my website looks like on windows and mac browsers. I was wondering if some people can kindly look my new design over on a windows and/or mac box. Heres the link >>> http://todkon.uni.cc/menu, I think I should change the font that is universal instead of artwiz fonts with vernanda and monospace under it. Thanks in advance. By the way, How do you get a free livejournal to look so nice like that? I always wanted to make my LJ look customized instead of a crappy pre-made layout. Again, thanks in advance.
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friday, 11.12.04

08:12 pm

New Recruit

First, i'm new to the community. I am quickly becoming an HTML Nazi, despite the fact that my two-year-old website is flash-based. I keep up with a number of design blogs and publications, and i'm happily getting to the point where i really know what i'm doing with my standards-compliant design.

With that said, i'm playing around with some CSS, and i'm (go figure) having trouble with IE. I'm going to ask about it here for three reasons:

  1. I can't find an anti-IE support group on LJ

  2. HTML Nazis sounded like a fun place to start

  3. Research is coming up nil

My test page is here, and i've got two problems. First, I can't figure out how to make IE push out the padding between the image and the border, much less achieve the hover effect over the image. (Looks exactly as expected in firefox.) I even tried putting the :hover pseudo-element on an a and putting the img inside that (a:hover img { blahblahblah }) then wrapping the img inside an a tag, to no avail; the padding and hover won't budge. Second, i can't get the code tag to preformat like it does in a non-shitty browser.

Any help would be great. Any lashings would probably be well-deserved. And any "hello-and-welcome-to-the-community"s would be, well, unexpected.
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tuesday, 09.07.04

04:58 pm

Please Read Before Joining/Posting!

HTML Nazis: A Community Devoted to Web Standards

We are the few, the proud - the ones that actually give a crap about the structure of our HTMl. Some people might call this "elitism" but if wanting to keep our coding structurally sound and our web designs user friendly is considered "elite" then the state of web design is sad indeed!
Think about it. Wouldn't you like to open any ol' browser and visit any ol' website...and know what to expect? A majority of fatal web design flaws are the result of Crap HTML meets Crap Browser.
We need rules. We need standards. It only makes sense that web designers stick to certain guidlines - it is supposed to make everybody's life easier. Think about what would happen if everybody decided they didn't need to spell right and use proper punctuation in published literature. Think of how painful that would be to read. Spelling and grammar exist for a REASON, people.

Does this sound like you?
  1. Do you cringe at the sight of a <FONT> tag?
  2. Do you routinely find yourself examining a design and revisioning how much better it would be reworked with CSS?
  3. Or...do you shun design altogether in favor of efficient delivery of information?
  4. Does the still-popular use of vendor-specific tags and CSS (such as COLORED SCROLLBARS make you want to go on a killing spree?
Yes, this would be the place for you. Join and feel free to vent, point accusatory fingers at HTML atrocities both amateur and professional, and debate amongst yourself.
Or if you would like to BECOME like us, join. Just remember...

...The All Important Rules
(because how can we be nazis....without R00LEZz?!)
  1. Introductory posts are encouraged. Regale us with the story of how you became such the HTML Nazi! This is a community after all.
  2. Subject matter may vary, try to keep it within the realm of web design and web standards.
  3. If you post a link to your web site asking for a critique, be prepared to receive unflinching honesty. We don't sugar coat things around here - we are HTML NAZIs not HTML nice guys.
  4. When asking for advice, make sure you are asking the right thing. We are not really an HTML help community. We are not here to design your layout FOR you (unless you pay us, lol) or to give you free designs.
  5. Intelligent questions receive intelligent answers. If you post a stupid question, do not be suprised if you are ridiculed. Getting defensive or calling us elitists will only subject you to further derision!
  6. Posting a question on how to do something that flies against everything we stand for will most likely get responses ranging from angry mockery to polite dismissal. For axample: asking how to make music play in your LJ. You've got to be shitting me! Spontaneous music is one of the all time pet peeves of web designers everywhere, let alone HTML Nazis! It shows that you obviously don't know our agenda nor do you care. See point #5.

  7. Obviously extreme trolletude and spamming of any sort will not be tolerated. Offending posts/comments will be deleted and the offender banned. This should go without saying but I am mentioning it anyway..

Your friendly moderators are tardbot5000 (me!) and erebrandir (the creator!). If you have a bone to pick about htmlnazis, well I have no problem telling you where to stick it.

If you like htmlnazis you might also enjoy browserfriendly!

If you are seeking basic HTML/web design/journal layout HELP, try these communities instead: html, htmlhelp, howto, sohowdoi, css_forum, ljstyles_help...I'm sure there are more, this is just what I found. If you feel nobody else can answer your question but us, well fire away.

your oh-so-friendly mod tardbot5000
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tuesday, 08.31.04

01:39 am


An update of sorts:

There is a general consensus that the user info needs to be updated. It is a little too vague right now, so I would like to spell out in EXACT TERMS what we are about. It is a shame that the HTML Nazi Manifesto vanished like a fart in the wind, because that was the perfect link. Oh well.

I think we should have links to alternate choices of LJ communities, that way people can be pointed immediately to the right place, rather than posting here and suffering the consequences.

Please take a look at the user info and then comment on what you would like to see written there, if you have a chance.

In addition, I think it is also important to maintain a sense of humor. Sarcasm is way more fun than just being plain nasty, wouldn't you say?

Good niight.
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monday, 08.30.04

09:26 am

OMG wtf?

A message from one of (absentee, evidentenly...) moderators:

What exactly is stopping you from confronting the inappropriate posters directly? While I agree that some recent posts have been lame and misguided...I didn't think it was my place exactly to delete them. They did not seem to cause any CONTROVERSY, for fuck's sake. They were usually ignored anyway!

I didn't know babysitter was part of the job of moderator. I find it interesting that nobody says anything until ONE person does and THEN everybody jumps on the bandwagon with "oh yse! They SUCK!"

Isn't this a community?Start acting like one then...since when do HTML Nazis have to ask permission before bitching some misinformed html-mangling rank amateurs out?

And why is erebrandir apologizing for not deleting/commenting on every stupid post? I fail to see how this is all completely rests on the moderators' shoulders, sorry.

We have a choice:
We could simply DELETE all dumb posts.
1. We could instead tear them a new one (more fun IMHO)
2. We could update the USER INFO to spell out exactly to those TOO DENSE TO FIGURE OUT just what kind of community this is, that this is not effing HTMLHelp.
Also, I fail to see how making this a closed community would make things any better. however maybe anonymous comments should be disabled.

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01:26 am

Just Venting...

Is it just me, or do most of the recent posts in this community have absolutely nothing to do with what the community is really about? Most people seem to think this is some sort of "HTML help" community, when the community info clearly explains that this is a web standards community.

I mean, it makes sense to ask questions in this community, if they relate to standards compliance in some fashion.

But look at some of the recent questions in this place...

'I want a script that I can customize, anyone know of one?'
What the HELL does this have to do with standards compliance? And what the fuck is wrong with the person that asked this? PHP is not that complicated of a language... Come the fuck on.

'I want to make the back ground of my Iframes transparent, how do I do this?'
GAH! IE-specific attributes! You all can argue for hours about whether iframes are "okay" or not because strict doctypes don't support them, but IE specific attributes!? That question goes totally against the community's purpose...

'true or false? "there is no way to get your image map out of your scrolling entry box."'
I don't even know what this fucker was trying to ask, but I know it's more suited for htmlhelp.

'I was wondering if any of you could help me with putting music on my LJ?'
... do I really have to say anything?

'What's the code for hovering over text (NOT a link) and making the cursor change and making that thing pop up (the thing in alt I don't know how to explain)'
Oh yes... so we can learn to abuse the <acronym> tag...

'ive made a website and i need some spicing up to do. i dont know how to do the thumbnails and just stuff in general. this is a pretty good deal since ive done most of this stuf.ive designed a frames webpage. im tryingto make it look slightly professional and nice... my website is www.geocities.com/theartofhenna'
... I think the comments section of this post is enough to tear it apart.

I know, I know. I'm blowing this out of proportion. But this community is getting lame. I'm tired of seeing people answer questions from complete idiots who have no idea what they're doing. Can't we direct them somewhere else where stupid questions are allowed and encouraged?


Or, I don't know, have a few moderators for the community?

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sunday, 08.29.04

06:51 pm

Anyone make sites

Looking for advice. I want a simple site for a project i have. Probably one page site.
Its a project i want to do, to see if I can get it to do well on search engines. One page, does anyone know where I can get a site, or anyone do sites. Would anyone be willing to do it for free, or pretty inexpensive?

Email me at xxsnowcrashxx@gmail.com
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thursday, 08.19.04

01:25 pm

okay, i'd really like to make my domain a journaling site (think along the lines of diary-x.com or diaryland.com).

problem is, i don't know where to start.. i can't find any resorces on starting a project like this, and i don't have any friends who can help, either.

i'd really appreciate any help on this project. any info, tutorial sites, or anything at all would be really awesome.

thanks in advance.
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saturday, 08.07.04

11:46 pm

so, i need a bit of help. i run a website aimed to help promote local bands, and i've been looking for some easy ways to do the following:

create a calendar. i used the phpCalendar that came with my cpanel (installed with Fantastico), but i couldn't figure out a way to customize it. i installed my stylesheet, and that was okay, but i needed a smaller version of the calendar. i would like to have a small version i can put up in a little section on the front page of my site (not really necessary), and then either a text calendar (shows the date and lists the events) or a very small calendar. i have a very small text box.

ads. i installed phpClassifieds (or whatever it was) with Fantastico, and again, it wouldn't let me customize. i need something small and simple.

basically, with the above, i just need to be able to customize them. have people submit data, and, in turn, have that info automatically produced onto a page on my site in a certain way.

any ideas?

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tuesday, 08.03.04

09:08 am

CSS/HTML glitch?

Hello there, I've recently begun work on a HTML 4.01 Strict CSS1/2 valid website but have hit a rather odd bug.


In IE you won't see it (funny enough..) but in mozilla firefox you will. Notice on the smaller pages (in body size) the entire site will look one way, but when clicking profile (which has larger body of text) it shifts to the left a bit. I can't figure out for the life of me why it is happening, but it needs to be fixed. Feel free to look at the source and CSS obviously, as any suggestions on fixing this problem would be greatly welcome.

update: turns out it is a bug in firefox and opera, in which they slide the html/css content over when a scrollbar is required (since a scrollbar is removed if not needed). Any ideas for a workaround?

solved, see comments for details
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monday, 08.02.04

02:47 pm


I was wondering if some one could help.
I want to make the back ground of my Iframes transparent,some thing like this http://www.geocities.com/fatevictim/home.htm sp (sorry thats the 1st eg that i found)so that the iframe shows the layout though.
All i need is the code and what to do ?


Eva Angelika

webmisstress @ plasticfoetus.org
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sunday, 08.01.04

10:15 am

true or false?

"there is no way to get your image map out of your scrolling entry box."

i heard that somewhere, just wanted to double check.

if that statement is true, does that mean there is no hope for (this) image map?

my idea was to have my entries scroll in the middle of the blank area in the middle. and have the image/map fixed in the background.

i was given this advice as a solution...

"image map, entries, y-repeat background. in that order. it will work.

...but i cant really tell whet they meant by it because i'm still a novice.

for reference, take a look (here).

any help would be apreciated, muchhhhhh.
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friday, 07.23.04

08:07 pm

Hi I'm Chanel. I was wondering if any of you could help me with putting music on my LJ? I noticed a couple people have a song play when you click on their journal. Any help would be great. Thanks.
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friday, 07.16.04

12:01 pm

What's the code for hovering over text (NOT a link) and making the cursor change and making that thing pop up (the thing in alt I don't know how to explain)

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tuesday, 07.13.04

12:07 pm

hi! my name is Amee and im new to this community! ive designed a website and i need some help. i know noone is going to be willing to help me without anything in return. ill give anyone who helps me a Deadjournal code. ive made a website and i need some spicing up to do. i dont know how to do the thumbnails and just stuff in general. this is a pretty good deal since ive done most of this stuf.ive designed a frames webpage. im tryingto make it look slightly professional and nice...
my website is www.geocities.com/theartofhenna

if anyone wants to help me, IM me at apieceofmyheart3 or gujupryde017 or you can e-mail me at amee016@yahoo.com

or you can just leave a comment to this post
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saturday, 06.05.04

01:17 pm

if you look at my journal right now, and you're not in IE, then you'll notice it's a different color. In firefox it looks green and in MOzilla it looks blue. It's probably because I made the background on those transparent. Is there any way I can fix it so the background will be transparent in multiple browsers?

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